Should You Buy A Combined Ionic Air Purifier?

Ionic air purifier equipment can make a huge difference to the quality of air which is breathed, either in a commercial location or in your own home. The need for air purification is greater now than it has ever been before, as there is so much pollution in the outside environment to add to the pollution caused by modern building and cleaning materials. The air quality in many buildings is so poor that it can trigger attacks in people who are already sensitive to airborne pollutants, making it imperative to take some kind of remedial action.

There is also no doubt that creating extra negative ions in the atmosphere can help everyone in the room feel more invigorated and alive. This can be achieved naturally by building fountains or other water features into the building, or it can happen if you have certain types of plants. The most certain solution which can be applied anywhere is to use a specialist air ionizer along with the purifier, and there are many units which incorporate both. The ionizing part of the machine will need to be powerful enough for the size of area you need to deal with, and it will need to be silent enough to operate without causing a continual disturbance.

It is important to make sure that the ionizer air purifier you choose is a good fit for your building and your situation. Many of the most effective purifiers are designated as being HEPA, which means that they cope with over 99% of all pollutants within a certain size range. This will not help you if most of your pollutants are outside of this range, and it will not help you if your building is in need of extra negative ions. There is also point in installing a system which is effective against cigarette smoke in a public building in which smoking is banned.

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Using an ionic air purifier will always result in air which feels fresher and more invigorating to breathe, but this can create risks. This effect happens with the creation of ozone, and ozone can be toxic if it is inhaled in too high a concentration. Air purifiers of this type are best used in areas where there is considerable ventilation, so that the risks from the ozone are reduced. In enclosed areas it will be better to use other methods of stimulating negative ions in the atmosphere.

The effects of purification and the increase in negative ions can be achieved with a mixed purifier or with two dedicated units. Choosing two separate units gives you the chance to satisfy your exact specification needs for each machine, but it will definitely require more outlay in the initial instance. Ongoing expenses may be higher or lower, depending on how often the machines are switched on for. Dedicated units give you the option of using one without the other, and adjusting according to circumstances. The expense of replacement filters may also be cheaper as you will be buying dedicated effective equipment.

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A combined ionic air purifier can do a perfectly acceptable job and be cheaper to run in the long term if it has the right adjustable settings. Adjust the unit to use as little power as possible while still producing the same result, as this will save power and also reduce the amount of harmful ozone which is released into the immediate environment. Good management of the system can make sure that you have an economical solution to all of your air purification needs, and that it will be a long time before you need to replace your ionic air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox