Use Air Purifier Dust Removal To Protect Your Health

Air purifier dust filtering units can remove the risk of serious illnesses being aggravated by the dust mites which are ever present in modern homes. The air quality inside most modern buildings is far poorer than the air in the streets, and yet this is something which is not publicized in the media to anything like the same extent as the damage from industrial processes or vehicle exhaust. Despite the lack of publicity, there is a whole industry devoted to giving you the chance to improve the quality of the air in your home and to avoid the risk of illness.

There are thousands of people who simply don't realize that they really need an air purifier in their home, and many others who don't think that the expense will be worth it. After all, if there is no immediate threat to health, there are always other things the money can be spent on. This is an easy mistake to make, but there are very few homes which do not suffer from an excess of dust mites, even if they don't have cigarette smoke or the complications which can be caused by having pets in the home. These dust mites can be a constant source of irritation.

Once you have been convinced that you do need a purifier in your own home, you will need to match the specifications to your exact needs. This is easy to do when there is an obvious specific problem such as smoker in the house. There are many purifiers which have the capacity to suck in smoke and render it harmless, and they will still have the capacity to deal with ordinary household dust. If dust mites are the specific problem due to allergy sufferers, look to buy a model which meets the HEPA classification.

air purifiers for smokers

When you buy this type of air purifier dust removal is guaranteed by the HEPA standard, which means that the machine has passed the government test that proves the capability of removing well over 99% of all airborne pollutants below .3 microns. The smaller particles can still get through the system, but these are not the ones which cause the serious problems people have with allergies. To be completely safe you will need to make sure that the filters are changed regularly, and some people even use a type of pre-filtration before the air reaches the unit.

The expense of a HEPA filter is likely to be greater than that of cheaper alternatives, but only in the first instance. If the machine is well looked after, the filters should only need changing occasionally, making the machine far more economical to run than cheaper models where the filters only last for a short time. A lot depends on exactly how much dust is present in the room where the unit will operate, but assuming the dust is not excessive the running expenses of a quality machine will be negligible. You can save money by ventilating the room at regular intervals.

air purifiers for allergies

When you use an air purifier dust particles are removed from the atmosphere constantly, leaving the air cleaner and easier to breathe. This will greatly reduce the risk of anyone in the household contracting a disease from airborne pollution, and should anyone already have an allergic condition, it will make their life considerably easier. The HEPA standard makes it easy for anyone to evaluate the models which are on offer, and the range has never been larger. It is recommended that you use the Internet for research purposes, as this will allow you to directly compare one model with another. When you remove the filter, you will see the benefit you gain from the collected air purifier dust.

Author: Marc Knox