Why Choosing An Ultraviolet Air Purifier Makes Sense

Ultraviolet air purifier systems can help to remove some of the toxic pollutants from the air we have to breathe inside, and they can also add moisture which can be useful to those who have to live in exceptionally dry environments. The extent to which the air inside buildings is polluted is often overlooked by the media when they concentrate on the pollutants in the outside air, but the truth is that the air quality inside most buildings is even poorer than it is in a polluted city street. There is a growing interest in air purification systems for both commercial and domestic buildings, and this trend can only become even more firmly established over time.

The question of whether or not you should invest in an air purifier system is not an easy one to answer, as it depends entirely on circumstances. There are some homes which have such an abundance of plant life that they do not need a mechanical purifier but such homes are exceedingly rare. There are far more cases where the introduction of a purifier would make an immediate and highly significant difference, such as where there is a heavy smoker in the house or where there is someone with an allergy. In most homes, even where the case is not this clear cut, a purifier would make a significant difference.

The difficult part of buying a purifier is being sure that it will do exactly what you need it to do. Unless your goals are clearly defined, it can be difficult to quantify exactly what you need. Allergy sufferers at least know that they are looking for a machine which carries the HEPA mark, a government certification that the purifier will remove over 99% of all allergens which are above .3 microns. Those with dry buildings will benefit from a humidifier, and there are some buildings where the air will benefit from more negative ions.

air purifiers for smokers

One of the greatest advantages of the ultraviolet air purifier is that it does not use any form of ionic technology and does not therefore give off ozone. While there are some people selling ionic purifiers on the basis that the government has cleared them as being safe, this is not the case. There is no doubt that large concentrations of ozone are dangerous, but it is not yet clear what the effect is of consistent small doses over time. Using ultraviolet purifiers avoids this potential problem.

Buying an air purifier is a significant commitment, not just because of the price of the unit but because of the running expenses you are committing to. There is a constant use of electricity, as well as the need to change filters whenever the one you are using becomes clogged and no longer effective. Using ultraviolet technology makes sure that you get the best result possible for your money, as it is cheap but effective. You will also find that repairing the unit will be easier and cheaper should it be necessary once the warranty has expired.

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Finding the right ultraviolet air purifier is easier than ever before due to the ease of searching on the Internet. If you can define the problem concisely, either because you know the nature of the pollutants which are afflicting you or you know the allergy which is being caused, you can easily find what you need from many different suppliers. It is more difficult to find machines which are designed to catch all pollutants, but the HEPA machines will give you the most comprehensive coverage. Even if you are just looking for a solid all rounder, you will find what you need with an ultraviolet air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox