How To Use A Plant As A Living Air Purifier

Living air purifier plants represent a fascinating variation on the emerging theme of cleaning and purifying the air within buildings using modern technology. There is growing concern that the air breathe inside modern buildings is not as clear and healthy as it should be, and there are many electrically powered purifiers on the market. Some of these purifiers are tested to the highest standards, but there are potential problems with some of the technology used in ionic purifiers.

The need you have for a purifier will vary depending on circumstances, but every building will have dust mites and gases given off by modern materials. If you have someone in your home who suffers from an allergy which is aggravated by dust mites, it will definitely make sense to invest in a HEPA standard electric machine, as these are guaranteed to remove more than 99% of all airborne particles above .3 microns. It will still be a good idea to have living plants in your home, as they will help to combat the pollutants which are not covered by this designation. Other homes, even those which feature a lot of electronic equipment, can be purified simply by having the right plants in the right place.

The right balance of plants will depend on the nature of your home and the exact pollutants you are trying to deal with, but all plants of a similar class will be effective against the gases which can have the most damaging effect, such as formaldehyde and benzene. The spider plant has long been a favorite of those seeking to improve the air quality in commercial or domestic buildings, and it is an ideal plant to start with. Place the spider plants near to any installations which could potentially cause gas problems, such as fires or stoves, or office equipment.

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The aloe vera plant is one of the most powerful cleansing plants we have, whether it is being used for its medicinal properties or as a living air purifier. Many people will already be acquainted with the way aloe vera can heal various conditions within the body and help to repair the skin, but what is less known is that the plant itself can help to remove toxic gases from the atmosphere. This can be exceptionally useful in office buildings where equipment is constantly emitting gases which can be harmful to human health.

There is inevitably going to be an ongoing expense involved in maintaining the plants which can help to keep your environment safe to work and live in, but this expense is likely to be no more than you would need to spend to maintain a commercially available electrically powered purifier. Many of the plants which have these cleansing properties are able to flourish in environments which have low light levels and little moisture, so the task of maintaining them is made so much easier. Just be careful to maintain proper nutrition and look out for any signs that the plant is in need of attention.

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Installing a living air purifier in your office of home can have an effect not only on your health but on your morale as well. You could easily find yourself producing better work and feeling more contented in your working environment. If you install these plants in an area where your children work, you can expect their performance and grades to improve. There may even be noticeable behavioral changes if the previous air quality has been a serious problem. There is certainly nothing to lose, and no risk involved, in trying to use the the right type of plant as a living air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox