Which Holmes Air Purifier Best Fits Your Needs?

Holmes air purifier models are among the most versatile and effective ways of cleaning up the air inside your home or commercial building, and they offer ways to target any specific problem you may have. It is often not realized how much poorer the air quality is indoors as we hear so much about the pollution in the outdoor environment, but the truth is that there are more dangers in the home than there are outside. Choosing the right purifier can help you to eliminate exceptional pollution such as cigarette smoke or animal dander, or simply the common pollutants found in every home.

There are many families who simply don't believe that they need an air purifier, but in virtually every case they are wrong. Of course some need one more than others, and it is often not realized how dangerous family pets can be if there are already people in the house suffering from asthma or allergies. A household with smokers will nearly always be aware of the potential problems, which are not even solved by opening windows to let in fresh air. In short, every family should have some type of purifier in their home, and it just a case of finding the right model for their needs and available budget.

The most effective of all the Holmes models are the ones which carry the HEPA classification. This is a government administered standard which confirms that the unit is able to deal with over 99% of airborne particles which are above .3 microns. This is the standard you need to be looking for if there is someone in the house who suffers from asthma, or an allergy related to pet hair. It doesn't guarantee that all particles will be dealt with, as there are some which are outside the size range, but allergens will be eliminated.

air purifiers for smokers

The Holmes air purifier models are available with an optional air ionizing unit, which can help to make the air feel invigorating and fresh. These ionizers can be exceptionally useful in environments where a lot of positive ions are created by electronic equipment or heating systems. The downside is that these machines are known to produce ozone, which can be toxic if it is inhaled in a high enough quantity. The standards which are in place prevent anything immediately dangerous from being sold but the long term effects of ozone producing ionizers are not yet known.

There are also specialist systems known as Smoke Grabber models which seek to eliminate all of the negative effects of tobacco smoke. The toxic smoke is sucked into the machine and broken down, lessening the risk of disease from passive smoking for anyone who is living in the same household as the smoker. This will also greatly reduce the damage which is done to fixtures and fittings in the room due to nicotine discoloring. The room will also be less unpleasant and odious for anyone entering it. The purifier will not make a significant difference to the health of the smoker or their life expectancy.

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It is easy to choose the right Holmes air purifier model as there is so much information to help you. There is only a limited range to choose from, because most of the units are flexible enough to be adjusted to rooms of different sizes and to different circumstances. An entry level unit will normally be good enough for anyone not facing exceptional circumstances such as a heavy smoker in the family or someone suffering from an allergy. If more is needed, it is available at a reasonable price. You can also buy filters, which are easy to change with every model of Holmes air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox