Which Alen Air Purifier Is Best For Your Building?

Alen air purifier models have repeatedly won awards for their effectiveness in combating air impurities in both commercial and domestic situations, and the company is prepared to back up this performance with some impressive warranties. If you are in the situation of needing an air purifier to protect either your family or your work colleagues from possible airborne diseases, and far more people are in this position than ever realize it, there is an obvious solution. Modern air purifiers are able to remove over 99% of all airborne pollution particles which are less than .3 microns.

Despite their effectiveness and reputation Alen air purifiers are no more expensive than most of the other purifiers on the market, and they are within the reach of just about every householder. The hardest part can often be making the final choice to buy an air purifier, when there is no obvious need for one and money can obviously be spent on other things. Unless there is a smoker in the family, or someone who suffers from an allergy, there is probably not going to be an immediately obvious benefit to investing in this technology, but the benefits will definitely be there.

If there are no obvious sources of problems such as tobacco smoke or pet hairs, you will probably be able to use one of the cheaper and simpler models to derive a great benefit. Any Alen purifier will be able to make a difference in most homes, but if there is anyone suffering from an allergy then it is strongly recommended that you choose one of the more advanced models which will definitely remove all of the allergens which aggravate asthma and other allergic conditions. Alen purifiers have consistently outscored other brands, including those with the established HEPA classification, in laboratory tests.

air purifiers for smokers

It also has to be pointed out that Alen air purifier models are free of ozone production technology, and are therefore much safer than other models. There are some purifiers which incorporate ionizing technology either as part of the same unit or separately, and while there is no doubt that ionizing the air is beneficial, there are potential problems and side effects. No government agency has yet cleared ozone based models from being a health risk, as it is known that ozone is harmful to human beings in high concentration. There may be no risk at lower levels, but this is not known and Alen models are safer.

The cheapest Alen model fits on your desktop and will just help to purify the air around where you habitually sit. This will have some effect, but obviously not as much as the models which are capable of clearing an entire room of pollutants. The most popular models are those which are just big enough to clear a normal sized domestic room, but no larger. They are economical to run, and will not waste any of the power which is needed to operate them. They come with the first filter already installed, and it is relatively cheap to replace this when it is necessary.

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If you take some time out to research the Alen air purifier range and what they are capable of, you will be in a much better position to make the right purchasing choice. The warranties which are offered with the entire range are a great source of confidence, and the versatility and the variety of the models means that you are virtually guaranteed to find something which will be just right for your room. The multi-filtration models can also be highly effective in dealing with smoke, as well as satisfying the normal demands made of an Alen air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox