Can An Ozone Air Purifier Solve Two Problems At Once?

Ozone air purifier products are readily available from several major manufacturers, and they aim to solve two major air quality problems in one go. Firstly, there is the often underrated problem of poor air quality indoors, which can be caused by a variety of factors and which is easy to overcome with the right purifier. The other problem is an excess of negative ions in the atmosphere, which can be aggravated by modern technological equipment, and this problem can be solved with air ionizing equipment.

There are many people who are understandably reluctant to install any kind of air purification equipment in their home or office. There is an expense involved, both to buy the unit in the first place and to constantly maintain it, and if there is nothing obviously wrong it is always an expense which can be put off for another time. Only if there is an immediate pressing problem such as cigarette smoke or an allergy in a member of the family will anyone usually take action. Some kind of purifier is needed in every home in the modern world, and ozone air purifiers are a good way of solving two problems at once.

In addition to the functionality of an air purifier ozone producing models can help to invigorate the air and make it seem more fresh and clean to breathe. This is a lesser consideration than the purity and cleanliness of the air, but both are related to a degree. Make sure that the unit you buy will satisfy your purification needs above all else. If someone in your family has an allergy make sure that the unit is certified as being a HEPA unit, because this means that it will remove over 99% of all relevant airborne particles.

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Air purifiers which are certified as being HEPA are not ozone producing, so to get an ozone air purifier you will need to opt for a combination unit. These are not hard to find, and all of the major manufacturers will either produce such a combination or at least separate units which can do the same job. The use of ozone based ionizers remains controversial, however, as no government agency has yet declared them safe to use. It is clear that high concentrations of ozone are damaging to the body, but it is not known whether domestic purifiers are a long term health risk.

The major manufacturers of air purifiers have made the ionizing function optional on all of their higher range models, as this functionality is not naturally present on HEPA certified models. This reduces expenses for those who do not want the ionizing function as it is possible to buy the unit without it, but it also saves money for those who do want it because it is available as an integrated unit. The ongoing expenses can also be reduced because each part of the unit can be switched on and off as needed.

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The controversy surrounding the ozone air purifier is not likely to subside until a proper investigation is carried out by a government department. There have been false claims that ozone units have been cleared and given the governmental green light, but this is not the case. Ozone is known to be dangerous at high concentrations, so there remains a possibility that these units are damaging if used over a long period of time. There is obviously no proof that these machines are harmful, otherwise the government would have taken steps to ban their sale, but the situation remains unclear. For now, trust is required if you choose to buy an ozone air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox