Should You Buy A Combined Air Purifier Humidifier?

Air purifier humidifier products can solve two problems at once, when it comes to improving the quality of the air you breathe and the environment in which you work. There has been plenty written in the media concerning the quality of the air in the outdoor environment, but very little about the potential risk which exist in the home. This is bizarre when you consider that air quality is typically far poorer inside most buildings and that the problem is not that difficult to solve in most cases.

The first step is to assess whether or not you really need an air purifier, as these units are not cheap to buy or run. There are always other alternatives, such as having plants in your room which can absorb many of the pollutants and clean the air, but of course this involves considerable expense to maintain as well. Most homes will have a need for purification of some kind, as all materials used in building and furniture construction give of gases. If there are also pollutants from pets or smokers in the home it is certain that some kind of air purifier will greatly reduce health risks.

Once you have determined that a purifier is necessary, it is a case of making sure that what you buy meets your individual needs. There are many different specifications, as well as additions such as humidifiers and ionizers. If you live in an area where the area is extremely dry, or you live in a cold region and use a heating system which sucks moisture from the atmosphere, it may make sense to combine your air purifier with a system for creating moisture in the air. You could always buy separate units, but it can be more economical to combine them.

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One of the most comforting features of air purifier humidifier units is that they use technology which has been passed by scientific laboratories as being completely safe. The same cannot be said of the ionizers which emit ozone into the atmosphere. There has never been a comprehensive survey carried out into the effects of the continuous emission of ozone, in small quantities, into the atmosphere. The only government certification which is applied to purifiers is HEPA, which is a guarantee that the unit will remove over 99% of particles above .3 microns. It is possible to buy units which combine the HEPA standard with a humidifier.

The expenses of a purifier need to be taken account before you make a final buying choice, and these can be completely different from what they appear to be on the surface. Avoid the cheap models which are not very well made, as their filters will need changing far more often. This will make them more expensive to run in the long term, and the quality will simply not be there. It is unlikely that you will find any of the really cheap models with a built in humidifier, so you will have to start with better equipment in any case.

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Finding a combined air purifier humidifier is not difficult now that we have online resources. Once you have carried out a basic search to find out who the major manufacturers are, you can then compare specifications and prices. Consider also whether or not you can get better value from two separate units, as you may only need to turn one on for a short period of time. If a combined unit is going to be the best choice, you will be able to directly compare several different models, and also obtain independent reviews of each popular air purifier humidifier.

Author: Marc Knox