Choose A Honeywell Air Purifier For Your Home

Honeywell air purifier products are capable of removing significant amounts of air pollutants from the environment in both domestic and commercial situations, and they do so in an economic and cost effective way. There are literally thousands of potential threats to health and well being caused by the poor quality air in many modern buildings, and most of these threats can be eliminated or at least greatly reduced with the right purification equipment. Deciding on the right product to buy is made far easier when you have accurate descriptions and user reviews to help you, and the Honeywell website gives you the best starting point.

It can be difficult to choose whether or not your building or home needs to have the air purified in the first place. Obviously, the manufacturers are going to draw your attention to the many potential pollutants and threats which exist inside modern buildings, and advise you to buy their product to help you eliminate them. All of the pollutants which are routinely quoted as being detrimental to health do genuinely exist in the homes of thousands of people, but not to the same extent. Those who live in warm climates will typically have open windows and enough air flow to remove much of the domestic airborne pollution.

For most households a purification system will be a good idea and worth the money which is spent on it, but you need to make sure that the purifier is the right one for the type of pollutants which are in your building. Many of the Honeywell purifiers are HEPA classified, which means they are government certified as being able to cope with well over 99% of all pollutants which are above .3 microns. If your pollutants fit these parameters you will find these purifiers ideal, as they have been laboratory tested and proven to be effective.

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Using a Honeywell air purifier or other major brand also guarantees that you will not be subjected to dangerous pollutants from the purifier itself. One of the hidden dangers of using air purification equipment is that a lot of also attempts to ionize the air. This can lead to the emission of ozone, which is toxic if it is breathed into your system. Honeywell purifiers do not emit any ozone as they are not attempting to ionize the air, and they also cut down on the amount of noise pollution which is created.

It is important to choose the right model as this can greatly affect not only the effectiveness of the unit but also the amount of money you need to spend on it. The major expenses involved are the cost of running the machine and the replacement of used filters. Try to buy an Energy Star rated model if you can, as these have managed to meet strict standards laid down internationally for energy efficiency. The replacing of filters is never something which can be predicted accurately as it depends on individual use, but some models are more efficient than others.

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Finding the right Honeywell air purifier for your building is easy, as the company website has comprehensive descriptions of all of the different models and their characteristics. If you know the nature of the pollutants which affect your building you will find easy to make the right choice, but many domestic homes have multiple sources of both natural and man made pollution. If you are unsure of the exact nature of the pollution you are trying to combat you can buy a good domestic all rounder which is effective against just about everything. This is the most versatile Honeywell air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox