Find The Best Air Purifier For Your Needs

Best air purifier products are extremely useful in satisfying the basic need of creating clean and pure air in either a commercial or domestic environment, and with certain additions they can do far more than this. They can help to alleviate the conditions which aggravate many allergic reactions, and they can relieve people from the dangers of breathing second hand cigarette smoke. Purifiers with special attachments can also add to the negative ions in the atmosphere, so take the time to make sure of your exact requirements before you make a purchase.

The best air purifiers for most situations are the ones which meet the government approved HEPA standard. This standard guarantees that a certain model will filter over 99.9% of all airborne pollutants from the atmosphere, as long as they are larger than .3 microns. These are the most suitable purifiers for anyone who suffers from allergies aggravated by airborne particles, as they will catch and eliminate all of the particles which matter. The purifiers made by Honeywell and Hunter, among others, are laboratory tested to meet this standard.

The air purifier ratings which are given on comparison sites can help you choose from the models that are covered, but there may be other considerations which will not be mentioned. If the ratings are covering purifiers alone, they may not mention the machines which are sold as ionizers, or any additions to a purifier which can ionize the air. Holmes purifiers often come with an optional ionizer so you can decide for yourself whether this is something you want or not. Ionizers have the potential to create fresher air by adding to the negative ions in the atmosphere, but as of now there are no independent studies to prove their effectiveness.

air purifiers for smokers

In fact, the machines which use the emission of ozone to alter the quality of the air are the subject of great controversy. The Ionic Breeze ionizer and ionizers which are branded as Alpine have been the subject of court cases where the courts have upheld the opinions of independent reviewers who stated there was little or no improvement in air quality when these machines are used. Even beyond this, there is a possibility that increased ozone could be damaging to human tissue. In large quantities, ozone is definitely harmful, but the effects of consistent exposure to smaller doses is not known.

One of the most important attributes of a home air purifier is the ability it has to cope with allergens in the atmosphere. This applies whether or not there is anyone in the home who suffers from an allergy, as the substances can cause new illnesses if they are encountered in a high enough concentration. If there is already an allergy sufferer in the house, it is more important than ever to choose a purifier with strong independent accreditation such as a Blueair model. You should begin to experience relief very quickly with the right air purifier.

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Some home air purifiers have an extension which enables them to filter the pollutants in cigarette smoke from the air. This is no longer a problem in commercial buildings in many jurisdictions, as smoking has been prohibited in public places, but inside the home it can still be a critically important issue. The best air purifier for a home where there is a smoker living amongst non smokers will be one which is certified as matching the HEPA standard, and which also has an extension build specially to cope with second hand tobacco smoke.

Any clean air purifier which is built to a reasonable standard will have an effect in clearing pollutants from living or working areas, but there are some which are built to tackle specific problems. Manufacturers such as Austin are exceptional at appealing to certain sections of the market, such as pet owners with their Pet Machine. This unit has been specially designed to remove the pollutants caused by domestic animals which can cause more problems than their owners often realize. There is also a unique Bedroom Machine which can remove the particles which interfere with the process of getting to sleep and staying in a restful state once you are asleep.

Finding the best air purifier for your own specific circumstances has never been easier, now that there are so many comparison sites and independent reviews on the World Wide Web to help you. If you are looking for an electronic air purifier which can remove as many particles as possible, make sure you look for the government defined HEPA standard. This standard is vitally important for those whose breathing is affected by allergens in the atmosphere. Looking for manufacturers who stand behind their products with strong guarantees, such as Alen, can also help you find the best air purifier.

Author: Marc Knox